Bollé X810 tactical goggle clear platinum (X810NPSi)

Bollé X810 tactical goggle clear platinum (X810NPSi)

Compatible with all types of helmets thanks to
its low profile shape and its quick-release system,
the X810 offers an array of innovations.
Compact, panoramic and modular, in sealed or ventilated version,
the X810 offers protection for the most extreme situations.
In its ventilated version, the X810 goggle provides
the best resistance to fogging.

Ballistic Resistance

Clear lens: V50 250 m/s (900 km/h)
Smoke lens: V50 258 m/s (929 km/h)
ESP lens: V50 254 m/s (914 km/h)
CSP lens : V50 258 m/s (929 km/h)


* Adjustable strap
* Sealed or ultra vented system
* Nose adapter for RX-Insert
* Spare lenses : clear, yellow, smoke, esp & csp
* Quick release system

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